Do you have an outfit that you absolutely love, but are unable to wear it for one reason or another? Perhaps it has become too baggy or the height no longer meets your fancy. Or have you lost a tonne of weight and your wedding dress no longer fits you? This is bound to make you panic because you have seen yourself walking down the aisle in this dress and dread the thought of having to begin shopping for another wedding dress. There is no need to throw away your fancy dress or start shopping for a new wedding dress, all you need is a tailor who is good at handling alterations.

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We also alter children's clothes and have a knack for mending even the worst tears without leaving any signs that the cloth was ever damaged. We do all this at a fraction of the cost of what any other tailor near you will charge for alterations. So, the next time you are wondering where do I find a tailor near me? Come to Lee's Tailoring and we will give your garment a new lease of life. To get a full list of our alteration services, visit our website This might even inspire you to fix all those clothes that no longer fit you, but you cannot bring yourself to let go of.