Bridesmaid Dress Tailoring

Santa Barbara, CA

Bridesmaids are a very important part of any bridal party. These are the women who held your hair as you puked after going binge drinking after a bad breakup, or women who sat with you in your dark apartment as you reminisced about your failed relationship, or they were your shoulder to cry on. These are usually bosom buddies who have earned the right to stand with you at the altar, as you say your vows and finally quit the bachelorette club. So, for these women, getting a gorgeous dress to match your own gown is a priority.

Lee's Tailoring is a custom tailoring shop, we custom make each dress to suit every body shape. We offer bridesmaid dress tailoring services at an affordable fee. So, if your bridal party is made up of short and skinny, short and chubby, tall and skinny, or tall and chubby ladies, we will make a dress that suits each and every one of their body shape. A tailor is assigned to each bride to ensure that your bridesmaids' dresses are made in time and given the attention they require. This eliminates the need for any alterations unless there is a change in body weight, which would require the dress to be resized.

For us, portraying your personality through what you wear is very important. As such, we guide bridesmaids in choosing dress designs that suit their body shapes as well as being comfortable to wear throughout your special day. We also help them choose a dress that they can wear over and over and not just a one time outfit. Spending money on a dress that you can wear more than once is a plus for most bridesmaids. This has made our bridesmaid dress tailoring service very popular in the Santa Barbara, CA area.

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