Tailoring Service


In a city bustling with young Millennials all focused on making it in Hollywood, it is quite difficult to find a tailoring service. In some area, you might be forced to go to Chinatown to get a tailor with experience in altering outfits at an affordable cost or be forced to fork out big dollars to be served by the tailors who are they themselves trying to break into the fashion industry. Well, you don't have to worry about any of this if you happen to live in the Carpinteria, CA area, as Lee's Tailoring is the solution to all your tailoring needs.

We are a custom tailoring shop that offers a wide range of alteration services from dress resizing to dress design modification as well as mending all your worn out clothes. We excel in restoring old outfits to almost mint condition. We also repair leather jackets as well as worn out jeans and pants. One of the biggest damage to outfits that gets them discarded is broken zippers and we have perfected our art of zipper repair.

We have years of experience fixing designer outfits and we pride ourselves in our ability to maintain the clothes' shape after repair even after alterations, making us a popular alteration shop in Carpinteria, CA. We guarantee that you can count on our tailoring service to fix all your outfits at a fraction of the cost but at the highest quality service. We do not discriminate and no job is frowned upon by our team of alteration tailors.

Go to http://leestailoringsantabarbara.com/ to get a feel of our entire range of alteration services. You just might find yourself looking for a bag big enough to fit all your damaged clothes for your first visit to our shop. Come in for repairs and leave with your own designer outfit.