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If you have ever had to visit over 2 Google pages while looking for local alteration tailors ‎in your area, then you know the struggle is real. Well, you do not have to go through this anymore, as there is a new player in town. Lee's Tailoring is a custom tailoring company and we have a branch in Summerland, CA that offers a wide range of tailoring services from alteration to dressmaking as well as fixing old worn out clothes that can still be fixed. We also make tuxedos, leather coats, men's suits and a wide range of dresses. A fast growing division of our ever growing business is wedding dress alterations.

We have years of experience offering alteration services so you can trust us to fix your wedding dress and be able to walk down the aisle like nothing ever changed on the dress. We guarantee that you can trust us to alter your dress at an affordable fee, but with the end result that will keep you coming back to us for future alterations. Our team of alteration tailors can do wedding dress alterations in either direction. This means that if you have lost weight before your big day, then we will adjust the size downwards. On the other hand, if you gain weight before your big day, then we will adjust the size upwards and still retain its original appeal by using the same exact type of material used to make the dress.

We also have other services including refining the stitches in your clothes, regular or designer to give them that minty look of a new outfit. So, whatever your needs, however big or small, you can count on us to help you out. We are the kings of all local alteration tailors ‎in Summerland, CA. Visit our website today http://leestailoringsantabarbara.com/ to find out what kind of services you can expect from us.